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Exterior Car Cleaners

Car Shampoos & Chemicals

Detailing Chemicals is vital for any efficient detailing process. From Wash Soaps, All Purpose Cleaners to Chemical Degreasers - GM-TECH offers the best solution for our customers.

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High Foam Shampoo


SKU: GM-HFCS-10L (10 Litre) 

Maximise Foam & Cost Savings

GM-TECH High Foam Concentrate Shampoo is a pH Balanced car foam shampoo product that is designed for Snow Foaming Tank. Gentle on skin and user friendly is it does not use harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the paintwork or coating on the car. 

Wash & Shine Shampoo


SKU: GM10-473ML (473ML)

            GM1018-WSSC (18 Litre)

Cost Saving and Quality Assured

GM-TECH Car Shampoo 150 is an economical wash shampoo that cleans your vehicle by removing dust, dirt and grime without any harsh chemical or solvents that can damage the paint. Safe for all paint finishes, including metallic and 2k paintwork.

Highest Quality in Shampoo for Car Grooming

GM-TECH Wash and Shine Shampoo (WSSC) is formulated as a pH balanced car wash shampoo that easily and safely cleans your vehicle by removing dust, dirt and grime without de-wax your car paintwork and leaves streak-free shine. Safe for all paint finishes, including metallic and 2k paintwork.

High Foam Shampoo


SKU: GM-CS150 (20 Litre)

Multi Purpose 18


SKU: GM1801 (4 Litre)
                GM1820 (20 Litre)

All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

GM-TECH Multi Purpose 18 is an All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate that requires dilution with water to ensure effective cleaning results without causing damage to surfaces.

Tar & Multi Spot Remover


SKU: TMSR4L (4 Litre)

                  TMSR20L (20 Litre)

Dissolves Tar and Bug Splatters

GM-TECH Tar & Multi Spot Remover is versatile solvent that removes bug, adhesive, asphalt and tar on paint surface with quick action. Simply spraying on & wiping off.

Degreaser DEG1


SKU: GM-DEG1 10 (10 Litre)
               GM-DEG 1 20 (20 Litre)

Heavy Duty Alkaline Degreaser

GM-TECH Degreaser DEG1 is heavy-duty alkaline degreaser concentrate that requires dilution with water to effectively cut grease, oil, wax, tar, dirt and carbon from any surface.

Watermark Remover


SKU: GM-1332 (1 Litre)

Acidic Cleaning Solution

GM-TECH Watermark Remover is fast acting acid-based  solvent that removes hard water spots or mineral residue on paint surface and glass. Just apply and wipe off.

Glass Cleaner


SKU: GM-GWCC (4 Litre)

Glass Cleaning Solution

GM-TECH Glass Cleaner Concentrate removes stains on car exterior and interior glass, such as road dirtm grease, smoke film and insect splashes, leaving a clean glass with no streaks.

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