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SKU: TRDG-GM-D1L (1 Litre)

Pre-Coating Surface Prep & Inspection

GM-TECH Cleanser is solvent based cleaner design to clean paint surfaces prior to application of automotive coatings. The product is used to remove any residue of wax, silicone, polishing oils that can cover swirl mark defects for paint surface checking or to ensure clean surface prior to coating application and not affect coating performance.

Does not require dilution like IPA. Safe on glass and paint surface especially sensitive paintwork prior to using coating products such as:

  • GM-TECH Hydrophobic Glass Coating

  • GM-TECH Pro Top Coat

  • GM-TECH Gloss Cloating

  • GM-TECH Premium Diamond Coating

Direction to Use:

  1. 1. Once polishing process is completed, the surface must be properly cleaned prior to applying coating.

  2. Pour GM-TECH Cleanser on a clean microfibre towel and wipe clean to ensure proper product removal.

  3. GM-TECH Cleanser should evaporate, wipe clean with a fresh clean microfibre towel if there is product residue.

  4. Repeat process over entire vehicle.

  5. Inspect surface thoroughly before applying coating.

CLEANSER_1L-01 (1).png

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