Wash & Shine Shampoo

SKU: GM10-473ML (473ML)

GM1018-WSSC (18 Litre)

Highest Quality in Shampoo for Car Grooming

GM-TECH Wash and Shine Shampoo (WSSC) is formulated as a pH balanced car wash shampoo that easily and safely cleans your vehicle by removing dust, dirt and grime without de-wax your car paintwork and leaves streak-free shine. Safe for all paint finishes, including metallic and 2k paintwork.

Direction to use:

Personal Use
Rinse car surface with water to remove loose dirt and contiminants
Add 30ml of WSSC for every 1 gallon of water in bucket
Use with micro chenille wash mitt or soft microfiber towel to wash surface and reduce scratch or swirl marks.
Wash car thoroughly from top to bottom.
Rinse off the car surface with water and dry the surface with soft microfiber towel.

Commercial Use

Usage With Snow Foam Tank
Add 500ML for 50L or 700ML for 70 Snow Foam Tank.

Dilute and Mix with water before filling in tank.

Fill water in tank till full.