Tar & Multi Spot Remover

SKU: TMSR4L (4 Litre)

                TMSR20L (20 Litre)

Dissolves Tar and Bug Splatters

GM-TECH Tar & Multi Spot Remover is versatile solvent that removes bug, adhesive, asphalt and tar on paint surface with quick action. 

Tar Stains or Asphalts are usually tricky to remove without using proper cleaners. GM-TECH Tar & Mult Spot Remover allows the products to dissolve the tar and making it easier to remove with damp cloth afterwards. Other stains such as bugs, tree saps and bird droppings or sticker glue residue can be removed as well.

Safe on Wheels & Surface Paint.


  1. Ensure the car is washed clean to easily identify surface areas that needed to be treated. Work in cool shaded area.

  2. Spray GM-TECH Tar & Multi Spot Remover over the contaminated surfaces and allow the solution to dwell for a 1-3 minutes. 

  3. Grab a clean microfibre towel and wipe the area gently to remove the contaminants.