Degreaser DEG1

SKU: GM-DEG1 10 (10 Litre)
                GM-DEG 1 20 (20 Litre)

Heavy Duty Alkaline Degreaser

GM-TECH Degreaser DEG1 is heavy-duty alkaline degreaser concentrate that requires dilution with water to effectively cut grease, oil, wax, tar, dirt.

These Heavy Duty Degreasers require dilution with water and can be adjusted according to strength required:

1:4 / 1:6 / 1:8 / 1:10


  1. Identify surface areas that needed to be treated. Work in cool shaded area.

  2. Spray GM-TECH Degreaser DEG1 over the contaminated surfaces and allow the solution to dwell for a 1-3 minutes.

  3. Agitate the surface with cloth, brush or wash mitt to remove dirt. 

  4. Rinse off with water or wash with soap to neutralize the degreaser/