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Interior Car Care

Cleaners & Protectant

Interior Care: Services

Leather Safe Condtioner


SKU: GM12-180P (200 grams)

Leather Care Treatment Cream

GM-TECH Leather Cream Paste offers highest concentrated pure lanolin and natural waxes and ensure smooth and supple feel after application. Offers longer protection and leather conditioning

Air Fresh & Deodorizer

Interior Air Refresh 4L

SKU: GM-100-519B (4 Litre)

Fabric and Carpet Deodorizer Spray

Just by spraying GM-TECH Air Fresh & Deodorizer on carpets and seat, owners can enjoy refreshed smell of a clean & fragrant interior.

Fabric & Carpet Cleaner

Fabric Cleaner 4L

SKU: GM1701 (4 Litre)

Fabric and Carpet Cleaner Concentrate

GM-TECH Fabric and Carpet Cleaner allows users to deep clean the fabric seats and carpets without causing fabric threads to frail. 

Air Fresh Deodorizer







Nano Mist Disinfectant & Deodorizer Liquid

GM-TECH Air Fresh Deodorizer contains active ingredients such as Benzalkonium Chloride which is responsible in eliminating bacteria, germs and viruses. To be used with fumigation machines.

Natural Shine Protection Wipes

Natural Shine 500ML&4L.png

SKU: GM-NSPW-473ML (473ML)

  GM-NSPW-4L (4 Litre)

        GM-NSPW-20L (20 Litre)

Dashboard and Interior Plastic Trim Protectant

Using Natural Shine Protection Wipes protects the interior surfaces such as plastic, dashboard and PVC from fading or cracking due to UV damages.

Leather Safe Cleaner

Leather Safe Cleaner 500ML

SKU:    GM11-500ML (500ML)

GM1101 (4 Litre)

Leather Care & Interior Safe Cleaner

Allow GM-TECH's Leather Safe Cleaner clean dirt and grime on leather surfaces such as seats, dashboard and interiors without removing their natural oil.

Leather Soft Conditioner


SKU: GM-LSC-473ML (473ml)

     GM-LSC-01G (4 Litre)

Leather Care Protectant

Made from the finest grade of highly concentrated pure lanolin and natural waxes. Easy to apply and protects leather from hardening, discoloring and cracking.

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