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let you brand of car care products shine through

At Chemway Sdn Bhd, we acknowledge that each client is unique and will require different outcomes and performance. Our well-trained and highly versatile technical personnel are able to develop tailor-made products to suit your needs and meet your expectations.

Lab Experiments

a one-stop customized manufacturing centre

We are able to guide you and consult with you on the following steps:

  • Bespoke Product Development: Sample matching and assessment

  • Professional Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for your personalised brand.

  • Our own in-house graphic designer to help you develop your brand according to international standards.

  • Special Product Packaging to enhance your brand in international markets.

a strong history of manufacturing since 1982

With over 39 years of manufacturing history, Chemway Sdn Bhd is highly experienced and can customize any of your required tailor-made product formulation in chemicals.

We embrace hand holding process during which we can guide you through the development process starting from product assessment, product matching, product testing and product approval. We strive to meet your expectations and exceed them as we have years of manufacturing experience.


innovation and improvisation as the key factors to your brand success

Our development facility offers the ability to break down existing formulations and re-formulate it according to your special requests. Our well-trained technical team can test your products under correct market conditions and will liaise with our in-house product development team to discuss your new product offerings before finalizing on the product's unique formulation.

In Chemway Sdn Bhd, some of the various manufacturing options are as below:

  • Customized colour for liquid solutions and paste.

  • Bespoke fragrances

  • Thick foam for shampoos or thin foam for cleaners

  • Solvent based or Water based systems depending on individual country government laws

  • Heavy cutting or Light cutting for compound-based products

  • High gloss for polishes or glazes

  • Water beading or water sheeting properties for coatings or waxes.

  • Highly viscous product or low viscous product for specific chemical cleaners.

OUR core product markets

We are highly specialized in these areas:

  • Car Care & Detailing Products

  • Construction Chemicals

  • Hardware Chemicals

  • Industrial Cleaning and Sanitizing Products

We are also involved with projects attached to quasi-governmental organisations to contribute towards vocational skills upgrade in the car detailing industry.

A wide range of customizable products

We are able to manufacture the following products to you below:


Shampoos (high foam or low foam), iron contamination removers (brake dust remover), pre-wash, clay lubes, tar spots removers, glass cleaners, degreaser, multi-purpose cleaners.


Rubbing Compounds, All in one Polishes, hybrid car polishes and Glazes


Sio2 technology, surface reactive sealants, fabric & glass sealants, easy application sealants (spray & wipe / sealant creams)


Carnauba paste waxes to liquid based waxes (body shop safe as it non-silicone based)


Plastic coatings, dashboard dressings, interior & exterior plastic or trim dressings, tyre dressings, spray dressings.


Upholstery cleaners, leather cleaners & conditioners, 

All of our products are available with varying levels of unique characteristics


Nano Ceramic Coatings, Windscreen Glass Coatings, Polymer (Fluorine based) Coatings.



Enhance your brand while leveraging with our in house design team

Do not miss this opportunity to build your brand professionally using our professional designers with standards by professional graphic design studios. Our design team discerningly listens to your brand direction: where you want a design which caters to a fun brand or a design which caters to a fun brand or a design which befits a premium and exclusive brand. Differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack and build your customer fanbase which will propel your brand to greater heights and leave  your competitors behind.

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