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Fabric & Carpet Cleaner

Fabric and Carpet Cleaner Concentrate

SKU: GM1701 (4 Litre)

GM-TECH Fabric & Carpet Cleaner offers effective stain removal while leaving a nice fragrances. Alternative to Multi Purpose Cleaners, GM-TECH Fabric & Carpet Cleaners allows the fabric to soften while user clean the area with brush or wet extractor.

Dilution Ratio - 1:4


Direction to Use:

  1. Ensure the area is cleaned and vacuum to ensure not dust and debris remains.

  2. Spray GM-TECH Fabric & Carpet Cleaner onto the fabric seat till damp and scrub with brush to agitate the dirt.

  3. Using Extractor Vacuum, flush with water to ensure no cleaner residue and dirt left behind. If using without machine, take a clean damp towel and rub to lift up the dirt area.

  4. Leave surface area to air dry. 

Trigger Spray Bottle 1000ML

Fabric Cleaner 4L

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