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Air Fresh & Deodorizer

Fabric and Carpet Deodorizer Spray

SKU: GM-100-519B (4 Litre)

GM-TECH Air Fresh & Deodorizer is suitable to use to remove smell and odor in car, household of office. Leaves a pleasant and soothing fragrance.

No Dilution Required. Just fill GM-TECH Air Fresh & Deodorizer in a spray bottle and ready to use.

Direction to Use:

1. Ensure GM-TECH Deodorise & Air Freshner is used in spray bottle or diluted with water.
2. Clean and vacuumed the fabric and carpet area.
3. Spray about 2-3 mist 30 centimeters square and let the area to air dry.
4. Wipe with microfibre towel on surfaces in case of overspray.

Interior Air Refresh 4L

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