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Plastic Restorer Coating


GM-TECH Plastic Restorer Coating is able to restore faded exterior trims due to exposure of UV that breaks down the protective layer of the plastic trim that cause it to fade. Benefits of this product is that it does not stain on paint surfaces or hands easily, can be wiped off with towel whereas for it is primarily bonds onto plastic trims only and leaves durability for many months.


GM-TECH comes with 3 variance that is Black, Grey, and Transparent. Certain cars or motorbike plastic trims may come in Grey, therefore GM-TECH is able to provide similar solution for Grey faded plastics. As for Transparent option is for newer cars that would add as maintenance coating to prevent dirt and deterioration of the original colour of the plastic trim.



  1. Ensure the plastic trims surface is free from dirt and contaminants.

  2. Add few drops on the sponge and apply on the plastic surface in circular motion. Add a couple more drops once the product isn't able to spread.

  3. Let the product to dry and wipe off any excess with towel.

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