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Plastic & Engine Care

GM-TECH offers maintenance care for exterior plastic and engine bay. Add shine and anti-dust protection in the engine bay compartment.


Plastic Restorer Coating


GM-TECH Plastic Restorer Coating is able to restore faded exterior trims due to exposure of UV that breaks down the protective layer of the plastic trim that cause it to fade. Benefits of this product is that it does not stain on paint surfaces or hands easily, can be wiped off with towel whereas for it is primarily bonds onto plastic trims only and leavs durability for many months.

Engine Coating 500ML&4L.png

Engine Coating 500ML


GM-TECH Engine Coating is a water based coating formula to protect the engine bay from outside dirt and grit. The engine coating will leave a glossy film on plastic and rubber surface as a barrier on dust repellency and anti-static property for at least 3 months

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