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Watermark Remover

SKU: GM-1332 (1 Litre)

Acidic Cleaning Solution

GM-TECH Watermark Remover is fast acting acid-based  solvent that removes hard water spots or mineral residue on paint surface and glass. Watermark or water spots are formation such as acid rain or collection of dust and smoke particles in the clouds - poor wash maintenance will leave formation of watermarks on paint surface.

Direction to Use:

  1. Ensure the car is washed clean to easily identify surface areas that needed to be treated. Work in cool shaded area.

  2. Wear gloves for safety. Pour GM-TECH Watermark Remover on damp clean microfiber cloth and wipe on affected surface area.  

  3. Wipe till watermark on surface is no longer visible.

  4. After application, buff the surface with a clean cloth.

DSC01169 - Edited.png

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