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Ultra Fog




Nano Mist Disinfectant & Deodorizer

Designed specifically for GM-TECH Air Fresh Deodorizer liquid that eliminates fowl odors such cigarettes, fruits and fungus growth. 

With its 900watts heater element, UFM only requires up to 2 minutes of warm up time to allow users to operate. User have the ability to operate via remote control or manual button switch. 

Ultra Fog Machine comes with safety mechanism that triggers the machine to stop when it detect long operation use to prevent from overheating and further damaging the machine. 

The machine is tested with GM-TECH Air Fresh Deodorizer and certified quality testing by SIRIM to ensure regulatory compliance.


  1. Switch on the back switch to turn on the heater element.

  2. Wait up to 2 minutes until the button switch on the UFM handle has lit.

  3. With the GM-TECH Air Fresh Deodorizer, ensure the straw tube is inserted in the bottle.

  4. Operate via remote control or button switch to activate the UFM pump.

  5. For Car use - operate to disperse nano mist up to 20 seconds.

       For Home/Office Use - Operate to disperse           Nano Mist up to 30 second in 10 x 10 meter  area. ​

   6. Allow the fog mist circulate for 10-15 minutes before opening the window to let out fog to dissipate.

7. Switch off the back switch of the UFM and the plug when no longer in use..  


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