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Ultra Finish Glaze 1205

SKU: M1205-1L


Finishing Glaze 

GM-TECH Ultra Finish Glaze 1205 eliminates light scratches, light swirl marks or holograms. A light cut glaze compound that brings glossiness upon usage with noticeable enhanced reflective paint finish and as last surface preparation before applying sealant or wax on the paintwork. Does not contain silicon or wax.

GM-TECH Ultra Finish Glaze 1205 polish compound is safe for all 2K, Solid, Metallic and OEM automotive paintwork. Suitable with Foam Finishing Buffing Pads.


  1. Shake Well before Use.

  2. Spread product on clean cool surface. 3. ROTARY: Use Soft or Finishing Polishing Foam Pad at approximately 700 – 2300 rpm until defects are removed. DUAL ACTION: Use Light Cut or Soft Orange Finishing Foam Pad at approximately speed level 3 - 4 until defects are removed. 4. Inspect paintwork and ensure surface is not too hot to touch, allow surface to cool before continuing. If there is still defect, repeat buffing process. 5. For Extra Glossy Finish and Protection, use GM-TECH Hi-Tech Wax or GM-TECH Ewig Glanz Wax for best finishing results.

Recommended Pad Combination:

Lake Country White Fine Pad
6.5" 165cm


SKU: 46-636

Lake Country Black Finish Pad
6.5" 165cm


SKU: 46-736

DA Maroon Polishing Pad
5" 125cm



DA Orange Finishing Pad
5" 125cm



Ultra Finish Glaze 1205: Product
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