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Nano Coating Wipe

SKU: NCW-250   (250ML)

Fluoropolymer Coating

GM-TECH Nano Coating Wipe is the polymer coating suitable for any owner who wants an easy maintenance yet getting the beautiful shine and paint protection they desire. This coating type will give extreme high gloss surface 94 gloss rating, hydrophobicity, creating 110° water beads, restores original color & gloss into dull oxidized surface, reduce cleaning time, enhance UV protection and buffing off.

Any surface to be coated must be applied by polish, followed by wiping clean any substances or residues to obtain an optimum result.

Shake Nano Coating well before use. Then, place several drops of coating onto the applicator pad and spread it evenly onto entire panel. 15 minutes upon applying coating, spread and remove residue with a
light touch with the first microfiber cloth (folded twice to form square). Use the second folded microfiber cloth to remove any remaining residues. Allow to cure for at least 2 hours before allowing
vehicle to get wet.

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