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Micro Foam Wool Pad 6"


Suitable for 5.5” backing plate
The micro foam wool pad from GM-TECH is used a lot in body shops throughout the detailing industry. Used with GM-TECH coarse or medium polish liquids, it can safely remove 1500/2000# sand scratches, swirl marks, holograms as well as moderate paint oxide layers. Our pad is based on High Quality Hook & Loop concept where it firmly fits the backing plate nicely to give that stability during polishing. It is designed for both Rotary & DA polishing, reduce polish splattering, reduce heat build-up, reduce vibration and offer smoother handling and can withstand high temperature

The thickened sponge in the middle between the wool and Velcro is used as a buffer for shock absorption and to give ultimate stability during polishing. It uses a highly compacted imported quality foam with good toughness, good elasticity and anti-extrusion.

*Vibration may occur while working on polisher due to the increased weight of buffing pads onto machine.
User Guide
1. Choose the polisher / compound / pad according to the paint condition of the vehicle.
2. Choose the proper pad with the proper polish as advised by GM-TECH technical advisor.
3. Keep the pad surface clean and pull it gently from base and not side after using to ensure pad lasts longer.

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