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Nano Shield Plus Concentrate



Touchless Spray On Rinse Off Water Wax

Bring out the water beading effect after washing your ride! GM-TECH NANO SHIELD PLUS is used right after your vehicle is washed applied while the surface is still wet. Spray on to the surface and rinse off of water to activate water wax on the surface. Safe on all surface such glass, plastic or matte and satin finish.

Save time on application and easier cleaning when drying. Nano Shield Plus allows your ride to stay cleaner and reduce dirt from sticking on the surface.

Nano Shield Plus is a Concentrate. Requires mix with water. Dilution Ratio of 1:1 - 1 Part of NSP : 1 Part of Water

Consumption per usage is about 80-100ml. No spreading with sponge or wash mitt is necessary.

1. Wash vehicle thoroughly and ensure surface is still wet and free from soap and dirt.
2. Spray the product about 6-8 mist spray to ensure full coverage of the surface per panel. Work in cool and shaded area to prevent product to dry out. Work in one section panel at a time.
3. Rinse off the product with water immediately.
4. Dry the vehicle.


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