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Hydrophobic Glass Coating

SKU: NCW-250   (250ML)

Fluoropolymer Coating

GM-TECH Hydrophobic Glass Coating helps repels water when driving without the usage of wiper on
your windcreen. This windscreen coating will give hydrophobicity, creating 110° water beads and gives a
clear visibility to drivers during rainy days. GM-TECH Hydrophobic Glass Coating can last up to 3
months, depending on wiper usage or where the car is parked (under shade or under hot sun) -


First Stage:
Work under area protected from sunlight. Clean glass surface thoroughly and wipe til dry. Apply the GM1-Fast Cut compound evenly on all glass surfaces, windscreen or windows to be polished. Buff with polishing machine at low speed (600-1100 rpm) using velvet buffing pad. Repeat if necessary. Finish off by wiping with Glass Cleaner using microfiber towel until glass surface is shiny and smooth

Second Stage:
Shake Hydrophobic Glass Coating well before use. If used on windscreen, start with half of windscreen at a time. Apply coating onto surface of selected half. Start from a top corner and use applicator to sweep vertically downwards part by part until all of selected area is covered. Repeat process, but with sideways horizontal sweeps instead. Apply more coating when applicator gets dry. Repeat the whole process for the second half of the windscreen when the first half has been done. The same process is to be followed for any other glass surface other than windscreen. After 10 minutes when coating has been applied, wipe surface clean with clean microfiber towel onto which water has been sprayed. Wait 2
hours before allowing glass to be exposed to rain conditions.

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