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Grooming Shop Professional Polish Compounds

Grooming Shop Polish Compounds: Services

M-Series Polish Compounds

Choosing the Right Polish Compounds for Every Job

At GM-TECH, we have made selected polish compounds that cater to specific paint defects and clearcoat sensitivity. This allows greater work efficiency in polishing and resulting desired gloss finish.

Infinity Series

Pushing the Limits of Hybrid Compound & Polishing

Polishing efficiency is what professionals and detailers would want. Infinity Series were made to cater high refining polishing process with heavy defect removal yet leave a great desired finish result without much paint defect. One Infinity - Multiple Pads selection.


All-In-One Polish

Keeping It Simple. Basic Polish.

GM-TECH Reconditioning Polish & Protection is simple All-in-One where essentially a combination of a polish and a sealant. Capable of addressing paint defects such as oxidation and minor scratches and swirls and provide gloss and protection from the sealant - hence making it a simple One Step Polish & Protection

GM-1  Fast Cut Abrasive Cutting Compound

Multiple Usage for Effective Grooming Uses

GM-TECH Abrasive Cutting Compound GM-1 Fast Cut is a rubbing compound formulated for automotive detailing paint work. The GM-1 Fast Cut formulation provide fast cutting capabilities to remove #1500 sand grit marks, heavy scratches, paint oxidation, Water Spot and Acid Rain without requiring wet sanding.

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