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Glass Cleaner Concentrate

SKU: GM-GWCC (4 Litre)

Glass Cleaning Solution

GM-TECH Glass Cleaner Concentrate removes stains on car exterior and interior glass, such as road dirt grease, smoke film and insect splashes, leaving a clean glass with no streaks.

DILUTION: 1:1 (1 Part Water : 1 Part Product)

Direction to Use:

1. Ensure GM-TECH Glass Cleaner is diluted with water in spray bottle. Have 2 clean microfibre towels.
2. Spray a liberal amount of product on a clean microfibre towel or on glass surface.

3. Wipe the glass and spread out the product, work in an area of 50cm x 50cm.

4. Either turn over the microfibre towel or use the other microfibre towel and wipe off the product. Wipe until the glass is clean and streak free.

5. In case of smearing or streaking, spray a mist of water on a clean microfibre towel and wipe the glass again


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