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Dazzling Sapphire Coat



Liquid Cleaner Wax

Dazzling Sapphire Coat offers great gloss finish and resistant to weather or acid rain on car paintwork surface for longer lasting than carnauba waxes. The combination of polymer sealant and micro cleaning abrasives allow the Dazzling Sapphire Coat to remove dirt that embedded in the car surface and restore neglected paint to good or excellent condition. Suitable for all types of paintwork finishes, including metallic and 2k paintwork.

Direction to Use:

  1.  Wash car thoroughly to ensure no contaminants or dirt on surface

  2. Ensure surface is dry and cool to touch. Avoid applying wax on direct sunlight.

  3. With the wax applicator, apply the product in overlapping circular motion to ensure the wax evenly coated on the car surface.

  4. Allow the product to haze within 5-10 minutes depending on ambient temperature

  5. Buff off the wax with soft microfiber towel till smooth finish. Flip the towel to a cleaner side if it begins to drag due to wax build-up.

Dazzling Sapphire Coat: Products

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