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Paint Surface Protection

Paint Surface Protection is vital ensure contaminants do not get embedded on the surface easily such as tar, iron and tree sap. These products will help maintain the paintwork's protection and looking at its absolute best.

Paint Surface Protection: Products

Spray Wax




Offers Quick Gloss & Protection

GM-Tech Spray Wax 505 is formulated with polymer sealants that provides better lasting protection than Carnauba-based water wax and gives out spectacular shine on all types of paint work surfaces. Easy application that does not leave streaking and leaves no white residue. Great water repellency effect.

Dazzling Sapphire Coat


SKU: GM-DSC-05L   (500ML)

             GM-DSC-4L     (4 Litre)

Liquid Cleaner Wax

Dazzling Sapphire Coat offers great gloss finish and resistant to weather or acid rain on car paintwork surface for longer lasting than carnauba waxes. The combination of polymer sealant and micro cleaning abrasives allow the Dazzling Sapphire Coat to remove dirt that embedded in the car surface and restore neglected paint to good or excellent condition. 

Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash





Quick Detailer

GM-Tech Spray & Wipe is a pH balanced express wash cleaner that can clean your car interior and exterior. Helps removes light dirt and dust safely without usage of water. Contains polymer sealants that brings out a smooth and shining sheen with good water and dust repellency effect.

Hitech Wax No. 9


SKU: GM09-300

Easy Apply On & Buff Off Paint Sealant

A Long Lasting formulation which gives a high gross finish and water-beading effect upon application. It protects and is safe for all types of clear coat

Ewig Glanz Coating Wax



Polymer-based Coating Wax

GM-TECH Ewig Glanz Wax is our premium selection of wax which features advanced formula polymer sealants to withstand weather and acid rains and better longevity than conventional carnauba waxes. Ewig Glanz produces deep gloss and excellent water repelling and beading effect. Suitable for all types of paintwork finishes, including metallic and 2k paintwork.

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