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GM-Tech Spray & Wipe is a pH balanced express wash cleaner that can clean your car interior and exterior. Helps removes light dirt and dust safely without usage of water. Contains polymer sealants that brings out a smooth and shining sheen with good water and dust repellency effect.

Ideal for owners living in areas where access to water is limited and leaves no wet mess from using this product. A quick wash solution to keep the vehicle clean and shiny. Can clean car paint surfaces, interior and wheels and glass windows (except windscreen with wiper usage).


Direction to Use:

  1. Shake well before use. Work in a cool area where surface is not to hot to touch. Have 2 set of microfiber towels.

  2. Mist product (2-3 trigger pumps) onto one panel at a time. Use the soft microfiber towel to wipe the dirt in one direction, then use another towel to buff lightly on the car surface to bring out the high gloss shine.

  3. Work small sections at a time, use a different microfibre towel when the first microfibre towel that picked up the dirt became too dirty.


Tip: Start from the roof or hood where dirt accumulation is less before working on dirtier surface. If the car is heavily soiled (mud), rinse off with water to avoid scratching the surface .


Micro Fiber Cloth
33cm x 65cm


SKU: MFC-33-65

Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash: Product

Spray & Wipe
Waterless Wash

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