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Polishing Pads & Backing Plates

Choosing the right polishing pads is essential in ensuring consistent results and efficiency in paint correction. GM-TECH offers pads and accessories to ensure detailers the best results when using GM-TECH Polish Compounds.  

Microfibre Cloths & Applicators

Microfibre towels are essential to detailers usage: They work better than regular towels. The fibers in microfiber towels are soft and non-abrasive - allowing detailers to clean without damaging the surface. 

Polisher Machines

GM-TECH offers users to experience next level detailing by providing polishing tools in order to get the best paint correction process results ever. 

Tools & Accessories

At GM-TECH Auto Care, we aim to deliver the best possible solutions for users to maximise the satisfaction using GM-TECH products. Here are tools and other accessories that provide ease in the detailing process.