GM-1 Fast Cut
Abrasive Cutting Compound

SKU:  GM01-003K-FC     - 300G

              GM011K-FC               - 1KG

              GM013K-FC              - 3KG

Effective Compound Paste for Detailing Shops

GM-TECH Abrasive Cutting Compound GM-1 Fast Cut is a rubbing compound formulated for automotive detailing paint work. The GM-1 Fast Cut formulation provide fast cutting capabilities to remove #1500 sand grit marks, heavy scratches, paint oxidation, Water Spot and Acid Rain without requiring wet sanding. Does not contain silicon or wax.


GM-1 Fast Cut safe and suitable for 2K, Solid, Metallic and OEM automotive paintwork. Suitable with Velvet or Wool Buffing Pad or Foam Pad.


Directions to use:

  1. Spread product on clean cool surface. Work under shaded and avoid direct sunlight.

  2. ROTARY: Use Buffing Wool Pad or Velvet Buffing Pad at approximately 1900 – 2500 rpm until heavy defects defects are removed. DUAL ACTION: Use Velvet Buffing Pad or Short Wool Foam Pad at approximately speed level 4-5 until heavy defects are removed.

  3. Inspect paintwork and ensure surface in not too hot to touch, allow surface to cool before continuing. If there is still defect, repeat buffing process.

  4. For extra glossy finish, use GM-TECH Ultra Cut Plus 1105 or GM-TECH Ultra Performance Polish 1103 with Foam Buffing Pad.