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Gloss Coating

SKU: GC-09-30ML

9H Ceramic Coating

GM-TECH Gloss Coating is the best coating for beginners with it’s easy to use application. It does not streak upon applying and also is easy to buff off. It gives that sleek finish and enhances the gloss of your vehicle. It protects the paintwork of your car for up to 2 years in a well-maintained condition. Suitable for all types of car paintwork

Coating Durability: 1-2 years


Carry out paint surface preparation by polishing the surface that is to be coated to remove swirl marks or holograms. Ensure surface is wiped clean from any substances or residues to get a perfect finish. Then, place several drops of coating onto the applicator pad and spread it evenly onto a panel. Start with one small section of the desired area first. Commence from a top corner and apply with vertical movements followed by criss-cross method to minimize any areas that have no coating. Apply more coating when the applicator gets dry. After 10-15 minutes, remove excess residue gently with GM-TECH microfiber cloth (folded twice to form square). Alternate with the other side of the cloth, once the other half of the car has been wiped. Repeat the steps onto the entire body of vehicle. Allow to cure at least 2 hours before allowing vehicle to get wet.

For Improved Durability - Use GM-TECH Pro Top Coating as 2nd Coat after 4-6 hours of application of 1st Coat of GM-TECH Gloss Coating

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